ARAMCO Control Center, Dharan, Saudi Arabia

SPF selected for the design and supply of the ELITE series consoles for a new Control Center of Aramco, the Saudi oil, gas and petrochemical company, with origin and headquarters in Dhahran, which employs 76,000 people in all the world.

The consoles were designed following minimalist design patterns in accordance with the guidelines set by Aramco, to obtain an optimal combination of ergonomics, efficiency of movements and integration of the equipment.

Consoles were personalized with the client’s Aramco corporate logo on the feet, and the different security and ambient LED lighting points.

The Control Center has 12 operator positions, which are configured in consoles of 1, 2 or 4 operators, in curved shapes (concaves), arranged and following the curve marked by the large videowall installed in front of them.

For the installation of the equipment, both PC workstations and 19″ rack-mountable equipment, each console is equipped with foot cabinets that allow cabling access from the raised floor to the equipment and to any point of the console, with total organization and protection of the cabling .

Each operator has its personal connectivity docking area with data and power connections. In addition, at the express request of Aramco, each operator has a wireless fast charger integrated into the work surface for mobile phones equipped with this technology.

A meeting desk, for 8 delegates, from the ELITE_meet series is also equipped with the same aesthetics and technology of the consoles, equipped with Pop up power & data connectivity areas and wireless chargers.