King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Medina, Saudi Arabia

SPF was selected for the supply of the consoles for the Security Control Centre of the New King Faisal Specialist Hospital, Medina, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ELITE_AIR consoles were chosen for their advantages in terms of ergonomics and health for the operators, a very important factor that the customer took into account for their operators, given their health-related nature.

The project consists of 3 large ELITE_AIR height-adjustable consoles (sit / stand) where an ultrawide 49 “curved monitor will be installed on each. In addition, these consoles provides a side cabinet for the installation of computer equipment, and a small underdesk drawer for the operator’s personal belongings. Additionaly in this project SPF has produced a meeting table, from the ELITE_MEET series, equipped with the necessary power and data connectivity for the 12 attendees. The project is complemented with the supply of 15 ergonomic 24/7 chairs.

The new King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center – Medina site is located outside of the Haram Area (Holy Area), in the southwest part of the city. (This means that non-Muslims may work at the hospital.) The hospital, which occupies a 200,000-square-meter site in Madinah, will have an operational capacity of 300 beds. The first phase includes preparing infrastructure and organizational requirements to meet the operational needs of the specialized medical services the facility will provide.  The hospital will be ready to accept patients from July 1, and move toward full capacity upon the completion of the first phase of the main building and the arrival of physicians, nurses, technicians and administrators.