MEKOROT Control Room, Israel

Customized VDS console for a MEKOROT Control Room

For more than 85 years, MEKOROT, the National Water Company of Israel, has embodied the unique Israeli spirit: daring, sophistication, and innovation in the face of the complex challenges of the Israeli water economy. These challenges are derived from the country’s location on the edge of the desert and lean sources of water, which face constant threats. 

For its new Control Room of a plant located in the South of the country, MEKOROT needed a big console for controling and visualize all the systems. We designed a big and curved shape VDS console for the 3 operators who will be supervising the systems. The console required special designed back cabinets for the installation of equipment and ergonomic monitor arms in 2 tiers. The project also included some individual consoles for manager offices and meeting desks.