ELITE, future amazing


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The ELITE series has been created for high-performance control environments offering an orderly integration and protection of the equipment, with a modern and very stylized design, giving a very pleasant visual without strident and tiring designs.

Human Factors
In all our consoles we provide the interface between technology and people. In control centre environments ergonomics are more important than ever, that is why our control consoles not only meet but exceed ergonomic and comfort guidelines.

Future Proof
We know that today’s technology evolves and is upgraded tomorrow. The design of the ELITE consoles allows future updates & expansions with the minimum disruptions.

Any Space… Any Shape…


With the ELITE series we offer infinite possibilities of configurations thanks to a smart modular design. ELITE consoles can be integrated in any control room being a perfect solution combining an avant-garde design, high durability and ergonomics. ELITE consoles can be manufactured for both single operator and multiple operators, for any space and in any shape.




Straight, curved, U-shaped, L-shaped … Unlimited configurations to fit any control room.


Cable Management

The ELITE consoles series provides clear pathways from top to bottom, flowing hidden and safely through the different parts of the console without interruptions.

The cable solutions provided under the work surface and equipment cabinets guides cables through the console directly to the PCs, power, and data connections.



Equipment Storage

Regardless of the type of equipment that is integrated into the consoles, the ELITE series offers different storage options. From the integration of lighter technology to the storage of large equipment. Inside the cabinets, the equipment can be placed both on pull-out trays or fixed in 19″ frames.


Ideal when there is few or small equipment or there is restricted space between rows of consoles in the room. With a capacity of up to 2 CPU towers, it also allows the installation of 19″ equipment, with a maximum height of 10U. Always equipped with ventilated doors and security keys.


The back equipment cabinet offers a high load of equipment and structured cabling, thanks to the different wiring ducts placed on the sides and top. All these accessories have several mounting positions, adapting to the individual requirements of each project.

The CPU towers are installed in pull-ot trays to facilitate access and installation. In addition, this cabinet can be equipped with one or two 19” frames for rackable equipment.


All ELITE series equipment cabinets have natural convection ventilation, through perforated areas in the doors and in their structure. Optionally, for the extraction of heat generated by higher density equipment, the cabinets can be equipped with low noise fan units controlled with digital thermostat.


The ELITE series provides different areas for the installation of power and data sockets, both for equipment and for operators personal connectivity. The equipment cabinets provide vertical and horizontal areas for the installation of PDUs. Always with a secure and well-organized wiring.


Ergonomics in control centres is one of the main factors to be considered. That’s why all the SPF consoles, fixed or sit/stand, standard or customized, not only meet, but exceed the ergonomic guidelines.

SPF products and solutions comply with the UNE-EN 527-2 :2017 (Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements) and UNE-EN 11064-04:2013 (Ergonomic design of control centres – Part 4: Layout and dimensions of workstations).