ELITE Meeting Solutions


Dynamic meeting solutions

Integrating technology while express your company’s style and philosophy. The ELITE_MEET series allows the safe and professional integration of any type of technology, for dynamic, ergonomic and efficient sessions.

Crisis and Multimedia desks

For 24/7 critical meetings, command & decisions centers, crisis & war rooms, SPF offers an innovative system of desks that allow any type of technology to be safely integrated into its interior. ELITE Crisis and Multimedia Desks can be equipped with sophisticated retractable monitor & microphone systems.

Power and data connectivity points for attendees, built-in speakers and ambient lighting are some of the options available. All of these to encourage quick and safe decision-making, with people at the center of the action.


Meeting and Conference

Modern meeting tables designed for dynamic and efficient meetings where time, connectivity and ease of use prevail. At SPF we will design the table perfectly adapted to the specific need of each client and space, ergonomic, comfortable and with all the necessary connectivity so that the session flows from the first moment to the end.



Endless possibilities

The design of the ELITE_MEET series is continuous with the entire ELITE series of consoles, being the perfect companion for your meeting rooms.

Thanks to the innovative system of the ELITE_MEET series, SPF can design and produce any desk in any shape and finishes, delivering a unique solution. Round, square, rectangular, U-shaped or V-shaped tables, any type of table can be designed to adapt to each meeting or crisis room.