Timeless efficiency

Timeless efficiency

VDS series is a perfect combination between creativity, technics and comfort. A best seller console system that transforms any control room in the most efficient environment. VDS series is a timeless solution that provide a long-life technical solution to satisfy all kind of requirements.



The general concept of VDS is to create a perfect harmony between the user and the equipment in the control room, keeping a constant operation and optimizing the functions. The design is thought for the future but it adapts perfectly to current needs.

Modular Design.
Ready for any space, any shape.

With the VDS series we offer infinite possibilities of configurations thanks to a smart modular design. VDS consoles can be integrated in any control room being a perfect solution combining an avant-garde design, high durability and ergonomics. VDS consoles can be manufactured for both single operator and multiple operators, for any space and in any shape.



The VDS series is designed to install and combine different types of equipment integration. They can install large capacity rear cabinets or side cabinets for computers or 19″ equipment.

The VDS series has been a success since it was launched on the market more than 12 years ago. Since its introduction it has been copied, imitated, but never equaled.

The different ergonomic monitor arms solutions provide both one or two tier of screens on the consoles, depending on the operator visualization & operations needs.

Equipment Storage

Regardless of the type of equipment that is integrated into the consoles, the VDS series offers different storage options.

From the integration of lighter technology to the storage of large equipment. Inside the cabinets, the equipment can be placed both on pull-out trays or fixed in 19″ frames.

Smart Cable Management
Designed to install any type of connection


VDS series provide clear pathways from top to bottom, flowing hidden and safely through the different parts of the console without interruptions.

The cable solutions provided under the work surface and equipment cabinets guides cables through the console directly to the PCs, power, and data connections.

All the VDS equipment cabinets includes a full interconnected cabling system.

This allows organizing and routing all the power and data cables from the raised floors inside the console. This system safely distributes and separate the cables in the console, avoiding tangles and breakage.


Ergonomics in control centres is one of the main factors to be considered. That’s why all the SPF consoles, fixed or sit/stand, standard or customized, not only meet, but exceed the ergonomic guidelines.

SPF products and solutions comply with the UNE-EN 527-2 :2017 (Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements) and UNE-EN 11064-04:2013 (Ergonomic design of control centres – Part 4: Layout and dimensions of workstations).