Elite Air

SIT-STAND Consoles

The ELITE_AIR series is the SIT-STAND console that allows operators to adjust the height to their needs to sit or stand while they work. Taking a standing position occasionally promotes better posture that helps prevent back pain and helps the operator use different muscles in the body.

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Operators can stay focused on their operations.

The immediate benefits of using sit-stand consoles are:

_ It adapts to different body types.
_ Operator height adjustable.
_ Prevents back tensions and other muscle aches.
_ Activate blood circulation.
_ Cost-effective.


Robust and elegant design with the most advanced ergonomics, cable management and integration capacity. ELITE_AIR console series is a sit-stand console that contributes to the comfort and health of the operator combined with a powerful equipments integration.


With unlimited design options like the other SPF consoles, it can fit the needs of today and tomorrow. ELITE_AIR adapts to any type of control room where ergonomics and dynamism prevail.

ELITE_AIR offers a great variety of additional options like equipment cabinets, drawer and filling units. The modular design of ELITE_AIR allow to make both individual and multiple row of consoles, in straight or curved shapes.