Three Control Centers for the UAE Government

Three State-of-the-Art Control Rooms for a Government Project in the UAE

Together with our local partner, in an innovative development for the governance infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), after several months of meetings and different proposals, we designed and produced the control consoles for three state-of-the-art control rooms for the UAE government. These state-of-the-art facilities, which comprise a primary Command Center along with two auxiliary Control Centers, represent a significant leap forward in the country’s technological prowess.

With a total of 60 qualified operators, these control rooms are prepared to optimize control and security operations, guaranteeing greater efficiency and response capacity. Equipped with fully custom-built ELITE series consoles meticulously designed for this project, each control room features a wide range of specialized equipment seamlessly integrated within the console infrastructure.

These ELITE series consoles and ELITE MEET series meeting desks, which have been specifically designed for the project requirements, provide operators with perfect working ergonomics for this critical environment. From real-time data visualization to complex command and control capabilities, these consoles enable operators to effectively monitor and manage critical processes with unparalleled accuracy.