Security Operations Center in Kenia

ELITE series consoles for new SOC in Kenia

For a new Security Operations Center located in Kenia SPF supplied three ELITE lineal consoles for a total of 6 operators, ensuring an efficient, spacious and ergonomic workspace to carry out mission-critical tasks in the most effective way possible.

The chosen consoles were the ELITE series, all equipped with 19″ rack cabinets that allow the installation of both 19″ format equipment, PC towers and equipment of various sizes inside. Low noise thermal extraction modules controlled by digital thermostats have been installed to guarantee perfect ventilation and temperature inside the racks. Finaly, all power and data connectivity is perfectly installed, hidden and protected in the structural ducts below the work surface, with top, rear and front access.

For the installation of the monitors, the consoles are all equipped with fully 3D ergonomic arms which allow any position of the monitor to be adopted, with smooth movements and without tools.