Operations & Control Center in Kenia

ELITE AIR series consoles for a Control Room in Kenia.

For a new Operations & Control Center SPF designed and produced 12 ELITE_AIR series consoles specially adapted to the customer individual technical and ergonomic needs. The client was clear from the beginning of the project to use height-adjustable consoles to improve the health and comfort of the operators. Therefore our ELITE AIR series was a perfect choice.

Consoles are equipped with fully adjustable ergonomic arms, LED security and ambient lighting, and CPU cabinets. The consoles are also equipped with all the power and data connectivity (USB, RJ45, HDMI) necessary for each position, both for the equipment and for the personal use of the operator.

The project was completed with the supply of all the 24/7 ergonomic K18 chairs for all the operator positions.