24/7 ergonomic chairs

Ergonomically designed chairs for 24/7 intensive use environments.

The positions that an operator must take are different.
For each of them SPF has identified the most correct solution.

There are job positions where operators alternate without interruptions, 24 hours a day. For mission-critical locations such as airport control towers, emergency call centers, power plants, surveillance centers, SPF provides armchairs with special characteristics to answer the needs of comfort, adaptability and endurance requested by these sensitive operations.

24-Hour armchairs are built considering structural and technical standards of the highest levels and guarantee an optimal function even during prolonged use. All the components installed in these chairs offers comfort and an endurance superior to anything available in any standard office chair. The model K24 from SPF, derived from the automotive industry, is the perfect answer to these needs and has passed the European tests EN1335, the BS 5459 Part 2, Ed. 2000 standards and approved by GS from TÜV_SUD.

K24 chair, total comfort

Composed by 3 complementary models, suitable to satisfy each individual needs required by a 24/7 environment.

All 24 Hour line products are tested according to the latest European norms specific for working environment where a continuous use of the chair for 24 hour/day.

EN 1335-1-2-3 certification for strength and ergonomic of the finished product for office use. BS 5459:2000 Part.2:2000+A2:2008 certification for strength and ergonomic of the finished product for use 24 hour/day. GS (TUV-SUD) seal for safety and ergonomic both of the finished product and of the single components in contact with the end user.

Its main characteristic is the unique ergonomic seat, with sitting area in variable thickness. The two raised side portions of the seat, create a sitting area raised extremely contoured and a working position easy to maintain even after several hours.

Without interruptions. The real hard.

The K24 offers a large variety of adjustment to fully satisfy the comfort and ergonomic posture of any control room operator.



K18 chair, multiple choise

Chairs for 24/7 mission-critical environments with limited operational space. K18 chairs have all the characteristics of an intensive use chair while having reduced dimensions.

A-SYNCHRON 2: Independent adjustment of seat and backrest (max 150 Kg)
TENSION SOFT: Synchronized tilting of seat/backrest, sliding seat, seat negative inclination (max180 Kg)