NILIT Chemical Operations and Control Center

A fully customized ELITE series console for NILIT Control Center.

NILIT is an international company operating in more than 70 countries and operating production facilities in Brazil, China, and the United States, specializing in the production of nylon fibers (polymerization), thermoplastics, spinning, and frizz of mainly nylon 6.6 wires. for textile applications. These threads are marketed under many brands such as sportswear: lingerie (Nike, Adidas), socks, jeans, etc.

The NILIT Chemical Operations and Control Center is responsible for the entire production chain process and process control of the factory, which operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

For this project, an exhaustive customization of the ELITE console was required since the space reserved for the center was limited. The SPF design team created a completely custom-made rear cabinet for the installation of all 19″ format equipment and PC towers. For ventilation and access, front doors were designed with low-noise fans controlled by digital thermostats. On the other hand, the cabinet is fully equipped with all the necessary accessories for organized and safe cable management.

The project was completed with an auxiliary cabinet from the ELITE_AUX series, fully customized, to store and file all the documents and manuals required for the operation of the control center. At the same time this cabinet is equipped with a monitor for quick data consultation.