New Control Room for Renewable Energy in Italy

Custom ELITE Series Consoles Installed in Italian Renewable Energy Control Room

For a renowned global renewable energy company based in Verona, Italy, a custom-made ELITE series  console for three operators has been designed and manufactured. This console features high-capacity rear cabinets for equipment integration. The versatility of the ELITE series s and the ample storage provided by the rear cabinets allowed for the orderly and safe accommodation of numerous CPUs and additional equipment required for the project.

The console is equipped with heavy duty fully ergonomic arms, available in both single and dual levels, to support various types of monitors and provide the maximum visual ergonomy. Power and data connectivity, as usual, are seamlessly integrated into the technical channels and equipment cabinets, ensuring easy access for operators.

To enhance acoustic comfort by reducing noise and reverberation in the room, the console is also fitted with high-efficiency acoustic panels.