UAE Government Control Center

UAE Government Control Center, Abu Dhabi

The UAE Government, through our local partner in Dubai, contacted SPF for the design of the technical consoles for a new control center in Abu Dhabi.

The initial specifications called for some technical aspects that, thanks to the versatility and customization capacity that provides the ELITE series, the SPF design team was able to solve without major problems. One of the most important requirements of the project was to have two 11U 19″ rack cabinets on each console, on both sides, for the installation of the equipment and all the structured cabling generated by this equipment, which was housed comfortably and safely in the central structural channel.

Each console was equipped with heavy duty ergonomic arms for the installation of a 49″ curved central screen and two 24″ side screens.

Finally and at the level of finishes, the Government asked us that the consoles have purple LED lines on dark finishes, and that there be a full LED line on the back of the console’s worksurface, a detail that the SPF engineers successfully solved, satisfying the customer.

The final result is a beautiful and confortable control room with totally ergonomic features for the development of tasks 24/7, which facilitates the efficiency and effectiveness of the operators. Those responsible for the Government project were fully satisfied with both the Government professionals and their local partner, knowing that it will be a center that will remain in perfect condition for a long time.