Child Online Protection Bureau

Israel Police Unit 105 Control Center

The Israel Police requested SPF for the special design of the technical consoles for its new Control Center Unit 105, the Child Online Protection Bbureau.

For the new center called Police Unit 105, the Police technical team asked SPF for comprehensive modifications of the ELITE console to meet its technical, functional and ergonomic requirements. Each 2-operator console has central 14U racks from which all the cabling coming from the raised access floor is distributed throughout the console. Additionally, the consoles are equipped with special high-resistance ergonomic arms for 2 curved 49″ monitors per operator. Finally, to provide privacy and noise reduction in the room, the consoles are also equipped with “soundproof” side and rear panels.

The result is a room with 20 operators distributed in 5 rows, with a stepped raised floor for each row.

At the same time, this center has another adjacent control room with 7 operators, to deal with other types of emergencies. Consoles from the ELITE series with similar characteristics to those in the main room are also supplied in this room.

The 105 police unit is an operational unit that is tasked with investigating online crimes against minors and enforcing the law in cyberspace. The unit is part of Lahav 433 which handles serious crimes on a national and international level.

The 105 unit uses many means of enforcement, both technological and other, to investigate, expose, and bring criminals operating in cyberspace to justice. At the same time, the unit uses alternate enforcement means to reduce prohibited online activity. The unit cooperates with international law enforcement and policing agencies to confront the global nature of cybercrime.

The unit is staffed by skilled professionals specializing in law enforcement in the field of cybercrime. They are joined by education, healthcare, and welfare professionals.