Israel Police Jerusalem

Israel Police Command Center, Jerusalem

The ISRAEL POLICE equips its new JERUSALEM COMMAND CENTER, the largest 24/7 mission critical center in the country, with fully customized ELITE series consoles.

Within the framework of a supply contract lasting more than 4 years, SPF and its local partner OPALIS GLOBAL have equipped several ISRAEL POLICE Control Centers, culminating in the mega Jerusalem Command Center. It is the largest control center built in more than 20 years in Israel.

In this center that has 4 floors, SPF and OPALIS GLOBAL install more than 100 technical consoles from the ELITE & ELITE_AIR series, all fully customized to meet the high technical requirements of the Police.

The project also includes the design and special manufacture of 2 giant crisis tables for 14 and 24 delegates respectively. These crisis tables have a central interior area called “laptop docking area” to keep 14 or 24 laptops constantly charged and updated, to be used quickly in the event of a crisis action.

Thanks to the collaboration and professionalism of our partner OPALIS GLOBAL and the technical team of the police, this has now become the most important reference in control centers in the country.