Emergency Center for Ashkelon Coast Regional Council

The new Ashkelon Emergency Center introduces ELITE series consoles.

The new center spans an area of 563 square meters and manages a deployment of 1500 security cameras, representing an investment of approximately 1.5 million Euros.

The center was established to serve as a resilience and emergency operation hub for the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. It aims to enhance protection and provide improved services to residents during combat and emergency situations.

The facility will comprise two emergency operation wings: a spacious call center designed to assist with routine inquiries and provide swift responses to residents’ needs, and a situation room for various departments, including education, engineering, home front command, logistics, computing, and transportation.

The centerpiece of the project is the Emergency Center, which has been equipped with custom ELITE series consoles tailored to its specific characteristics and requirements. These consoles include a central curved unit for three operators, cabinets for equipment storage, and rear cabinets with 19″ spaces for smaller equipment, KVM technology, connections, and structured cabling.

Each operator is equipped with a wireless charger for mobile phones and other power and data connections at their docking station. Additionally, a supervisor’s console with a peninsula design has been created, featuring space for equipment and document drawers.