VETROPACK Italia Control Center

VETROPACK has invested more than CHF 400 million in the new production site.

VETROPACK‘s state-of-the-art glass factory in Boffalora sopra Ticino, Italy, required a reliable control console for its main control room. Seeking a top-notch solution, VETROPACK partnered with SPF and opted for the ELITE Series console. The design of the console not only provided advanced control capabilities but also ensured seamless integration with the facility’s operations.

When designing the console, careful consideration was given to accommodate the substantial amount of equipment and the distribution of 18 monitors across two levels. Additionally, the console was tailored to match the shape of the room, ensuring operators could have a comfortable and unobstructed view of the production area.

The final design resulted in a 10-meter-long console equipped with 10U rack cabinets capable of housing 19″ equipment or PC towers. The ergonomic arms were precisely positioned to accommodate the 18 monitors, providing an optimal viewing experience. Furthermore, the console design allows for future expansion, ensuring scalability and adaptability as VETROPACK‘s needs evolve over time.

SPF was entrusted with the complete project, encompassing the design, production, and installation of the console. With expertise and precision, SPF’s installation team was deployed to Milan, where they successfully executed the installation process. Their seamless execution ensured the console was seamlessly integrated into VETROPACK‘s control center, meeting all the necessary requirements for optimal performance.