MEKOROT SAPIR Operations Center

One of the most strategic and significant projects in the northern region concerning water production and supply to the local residents.

The Sapir Station is a major facility of Mekorot located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee and is used to pump the lake water to the National Water Carrier.

The water is pumped from the sea to a high level and by gravitation distributed to water reservoirs.

The project consisted to upgrade their exsisting control center with a new and fully customized large L-shaped ELITE series console for 2/3 operators.

The console is equipped with ergonomic arms for 16x 27-inch screens arranged in 1 and 2 tier. In addition the console is equipped with high capacity storage cabinets to accommodate computer and communication equipment in a 19″ setting, with both front and rear access accompanied by heat exhaust vents.

The console system is designed to empower Mekorot Sapir operations teams with unparalleled 24/7 ergonomic comfort and efficiency, and to meet the most advanced technological challenges.