Tel Aviv Region / Command & Control Center Israel Police

Customized VDS consoles for the new Israeli Police Command & Control Center of the Tel Aviv Region

In line with the 4-year framework agreement for the supply of consoles and technical furniture for the Israel Police, the VDS series consoles were selected for the new CCC. These were fully customized to allow the different equipment to be installed both on the work surface and inside the different technical cabinets designed specifically for this project.

Due to the different rooms and uses, we designed different types of consoles, both fixed and sit/stand.

The scope of the project also included a large crisis table fully designed for 20 people, with space inside to house permanently connected laptops in their dockstations.

Thanks to the great collaboration of the Israel Police team, the prototypes and the subsequent FAT, the project was produced and installed without any incident and within the required deadlines.