Capacity & Resistance

High capacity and resistance

WIDESTAR series is designed to provide an elegant rugged solution for the most critical environments where extra toughness and equipment protection is required.

With a bodyframe type design, WIDESTAR series provides a great resistance and capacity to integrate any equipment inside. WIDESTAR series are available both fixed and sit-stand (see WIDESTAR 24/7 series), offering as a key element its equipment storage capacity, ready to install any kind of equipment.

Equipment Storage

WIDESTAR series cabinet offers an unrivaled space interior for requipment integration.

This equipment cabinet allows equipments installation both in pull-out or fixed shelves or in 19” rails. It is a design made to last and protect, thanks to the frame body fully constructed in steel and covered with HPL sides, doors and worktop. Specially designed to suit 365x24x7 Mission Critical environments.

Cable Management

The cable management system of the WIDESTAR series is along all the console.

The bottom of the cabinet allows an entry of power & data cabling comming from the raised floor system to any part of the console, in a organized and secure way.

WIDESTAR series is a perfect allied for those mission critical environments where security, protection of equipment and ergonomics is a must.

A modular design
Any space … Any shape

A fully modular design that allows to create any console configuration for any number of operators.

No matter the shape, WIDESTAR series can be supplied for one single operator or multiple operators, in straight or curved (concave & convexe) shapes. The cable management is fully continuous along the interior of the console and accessible both from front or rear sides thus minimizing the installation and maintenance disruptions.


Ergonomics in control centres is one of the main factors to be considered. That’s why all the SPF consoles, fixed or sit/stand, standard or customized, not only meet, but exceed the ergonomic guidelines.

SPF products and solutions comply with the UNE-EN 527-2 :2017 (Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements) and UNE-EN 11064-04:2013 (Ergonomic design of control centres – Part 4: Layout and dimensions of workstations).