Design from another dimension

Design from another dimension

In the LIFTStar series, design is at the service of ergonomics. A design that does not go unnoticed and attracts attention. For those control centers looking for something different without forgetting safety, efficiency and ergonomics. 



Sit & Stand

LiftStar console is designed with a powerful lifting column to allow the perfect adjustment of the operators area.

The minimalist shape of its half-moon foot structure provides an clean ergonomic space that allows the operator to move freely. LiftStar has been designed with the highest international ergonomic standards and requirements, to offer a perfect position for the operator and contribute to the improvement of their health.





Ergonomics in control centres is one of the main factors to be considered. That’s why all the SPF consoles, fixed or sit/stand, standard or customized, not only meet, but exceed the ergonomic guidelines.

SPF products and solutions comply with the UNE-EN 527-2 :2017 (Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements) and UNE-EN 11064-04:2013 (Ergonomic design of control centres – Part 4: Layout and dimensions of workstations).