Professional trading consoles


ELITE TRADE series is a complete, customizable, and high-performance sit/stand console solution for trading environments.

Our specialized ELITE TRADE technical trading consoles are designed specifically for trading rooms. These cutting-edge consoles are expertly crafted to accommodate multiple screens and equipment, protecting the equipment and high amount of wiring while providing traders with the ultimate workspace.

At SPF we know that each trading room has different functional, technical and design needs, which is why we created a modular and highly customizable system that allows to create practically any console configuration.

Strong focus on functionality and organization


With a strong focus on functionality and organization, our consoles feature meticulously structured cabling systems, ensuring a neat and protected environment. Say goodbye to tangled wires and hello to a seamlessly organized setup.








Optimize your trading experience

Our design team understands the unique requirements of trading rooms, which is why our ELITE TRADE series offer a multitude of options and adaptations to suit your specific project needs. Whether you prefer a spacious layout or compact design, our consoles can be customized to optimize your trading experience.





Our team works closely with you to understand your unique requirements, providing tailored solutions that meet your project specifications to ensure the consoles aligns perfectly with your trading room layout and aesthetic preferences.

Multiple Screen

Our desks provide ample space to accommodate multiple screens (2+2, 3+3, 4+4) allowing traders to monitor various market data simultaneously.

Cable Management

The consoles are equipped with a well-organized and protected cabling system, eliminating clutter, and enhancing productivity.


Our consoles are designed to house many computers and other equipment inside. The cabinets can be equipped with 19″ mounts for equipment and have sufficient ventilation to dissipate heat from the equipment. Additionally, they can be equipped with low-noise fans to extract heat from the equipment.


Integrated storage compartments, shelves, and drawers, providing ample space to store and organize your trading equipment. From computers and laptops to keyboards, mice, and other peripherals, our desks ensure that everything you need is within arm’s reach.

Experience the difference today!

Invest in our specialized technical trading desks and elevate your trading room to new heights of efficiency and professionalism. 




Ergonomics in control centres is one of the main factors to be considered. That’s why all the SPF consoles, fixed or sit/stand, standard or customized, not only meet, but exceed the ergonomic guidelines.

SPF products and solutions comply with the UNE-EN 527-2 :2017 (Office furniture – Work tables – Part 2: Safety, strength and durability requirements) and UNE-EN 11064-04:2013 (Ergonomic design of control centres – Part 4: Layout and dimensions of workstations).