High Density Cabling Racks

High Density Cabling Racks

The Wirex range is available in the 2-post and 4-post open frame system and in the rack version.

The rack version can be integrated and compatible with the CUBE system.

The WIREX range, in all its versions, allows the management of high-density cable systems, both copper and optic fiber. The entire WIREX system is designed to ensure electrical continuity and ground connection. It also incorporates casters to facilitate transport.

All the post versions are available in 42U and, if more equipment units need to be installed, a 47U option is available taking up the same footprint.

2 Posts

The 2-post structure is the basis of the WIREX range open-frame system. It consists of a steel structure made up by two vertical steel sections serving as 19” uprights.

This system allows the installation of telecommunications equipment such as patch panels and network switches using a much smaller footprint than with a conventional cabinet, with the added advantage of a greater ventilation capacity and easier access to the cables.

Available in 2 heights: 42U and 47U; also available in two depths: 75 mm and 150 mm. The latter has a greater load-bearing capacity, allowing the installation of larger, heavier equipment.

4 Posts

The 4-post structure is the basis of the WIREX range’s open-frame system for configurations requiring, heavier, larger telecommunications equipment, and also needing greater protection, such as patch panels, routers and voice or network switches.

It consists of a steel structure made up by four 19” uprights and one top and one bottom structural frame. It also has a greater ventilation capability and provides easier cable access when compared with a conventional cabinet.

Available in 42U or 47U height and a choice of 4 depths (600, 800, 900, and 1000 mm), according to the type of equipment required to be installed, ensuring greater rack stability.

It is available with high capacity vertical organizers and vertical patching organizers, either 1-face or 2-face.

Rack Version

The WIREX rack is the ideal solution for integrating a high cable density cabinet into a row of cabinets.

The columns joining the top frame to the bottom frame are located in a central position within the cabinet, together with the uprights. This is a basic feature of the system, maximizing the space available for cables, while at the same time allowing easy cable management within the rack.

This rack is fully compatible with the ARCTIC range, as well as with the CUBO containment system.

Doors available in two models: V2 or V3.

Available in 2 heights, 42U and 47U, with 1000 or 1200mm depth.

Incorporates casters to facilitate transport.