Server & Cabling racks

ARCTIC 3.0 is the 3rd generation of a highly modular and scalable rack system for the installation of servers, networking and structured cabling.

ASP Server Rack

19” Racks for servers and active equipment

The ASP range has been created to provide a high level of security and stability, easy installation and maximum natural ventilation in the most demanding high-density datacenter environments. With 1000 or 1200mm depth, the ASP range can virtually accommodate all server models on the market. With SPF’s revolutionary sliding ZAF mount system, the mount can be fitted at any depth, assuring air containment without requiring disassembly.

NET Cabling Rack

19” Racks for networking and structured cabling

ARCTIC 3.0 NET offers to installers numerous advantages and features for high density cabling. The longitudinal openings on its top and bottom areas allow easy entry of cables through the cabinet sides, avoiding loops and sharp bends that might damage the cables. Inside, the cables can be guided to any area of the cabinet in the most convenient and safe way by means of a wide range of dedicated cable organizing accessories.

ISP Collocation Rack

19” Racks for server housing and equipment

A full range of racks for Housing centers and facilities, including models with 2, 3 or 4 compartments. The ISP range offers a high level of security in each compartment. All compartments are separated from each other covering the entire internal perimeter. Vertical cable trays are independent for each space.