Datacenter Solutions


At SPF we develop tailor-made projects to execute any infrastructure of racks and aisle containments with the most innovative and efficient solutions.

Highly efficient and fully corporate solutions.
Thanks to the highly modular and customizable range of products, SPF listens and executes the specific demands of each client, providing a plus of design and customization in the Data Center.

The extensive experience of the SPF team in the Data Center sector, together with an advanced family of products and solutions, allows us to design and execute any project, standard or totally tailor-made, always offering top-quality results.

Our wide range of products and proprietary solutions meet the highest reliability standards demanded by the market.

The SPF technical department, made up of a human team with great experience and equipped with the latest technologies in design and engineering, will work with the client to understand and design the most appropriate solution for each project, with the aim of achieving a data center that offers the highest possible energy efficiency.


CUBO 3.0
Aisle Containment Systems

With SPF’s CUBO solutions we create the containment defining thermal aisles, avoiding the mixture between the hot and cold air. This physical barrier allows to operate the Datacenter at a higher temperature range, optimizing the datacenter functions and providing operational and energy savings.