Express your company's DNA

CUSTOM Meeting Solutions

The SPF design team is able to create the most impressive custom and perfect solution to fit any meeting, conference or boardroom room. 

There are no limits in the design of the appropriate tables for each company, satisfying in each case all the particular operational needs.

Unique projects. Spaces where the companies can express their DNA. 

Our solutions can range from a simple conference table to a unique masterpiece, with the latest technology that will exceed any imagined expectation. The SPF team together with the client will work closely together to define the operational and functional needs that will be integrated into the table.

Additionally, our design team will propose the finishes and ambient lighting of the table to elegantly match the client’s corporate image.


No matter the shape, we can create U, V, C, square, rectangular or round shapes.

Our smart structural system permits to create any shape, stable, ergonomic and fully functional for all attendees.


Beautiful on the outside, sophisticated on the inside.

All our tables have internal structured cabling systems, equipment fixation, maintenance access and ventilation to last over time and adapt to the changing technology of the modern world.