MINAPHARM Control Center in Cairo, Egypt

SPF awarded for the design and supply of the operator consoles for the new Control Center of MINAPHARM PHARMACEUTICALS in Cairo, Egypt.

The pharmaceutical company MINAPHARM trusted in SPF for the design of its all brand new control center. The customer wanted to put the maximum number of operators and one supervisor in the control room while respecting the ergonomic spaces at all times. After few design proposals and positions, an L-shaped ELITE fixed console for 4 operators was the optimal solution. For the supervisor it was choosen an ELITE_AIR console, the sit/stand version of the ELITE series.

Each operator and supervisor positions are equipped with fully ergonomic adjustable arms for 2 monitors, connectivity docks and equipment cabinets for the integration of computers and other equipment.

In order to match the design with the corporative image of the customer, the LED ligthing points and lines of the consoles were made in purple color. At the same time, all the consoles ends legs & cabinets integrate the MINAPHARM logo.

 All the positions are completed with the supply of 27/7 ergonomic chairs.