Racks ARCTIC 3.0

ARCTIC 3.0 rack is back!


Yes, our ARCTIC 3.0 rack is back!

The renowned and advanced family ARCTIC 3.0 of 19″ racks and accessories for Data Centers, now available with the new SPF image and catalogue. Nothing changes, just the famous door belt logo.


Available as always in 3 versions:

  • – ASP, for the integration of servers, with our ZAF (Zero AirFlow) system for the containment of airflows.
  • – NET, prepared for high density structured cabling, with a large list of cabling accessories, some of them patented.
  • – ISP, with 2, 3 or 4 compartments, for colocation centers, total security.


Ah! by the way… there is only one ARCTIC rack: ours, the original!


Download here: SPF ARCTIC 3.0 Catalogue